Arthur put the boot in!

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Zenna Atkins, split her childhood between London and Cornwall, growing up in her own family and the Ghanaian family "down the road" . She has written for a number of audiences and published work relating to governance, diversity, management and education. This is her first foray into the world of children's literature. Zenna manages to combine a hectic work life as a consultant to a number of national and international organisations with an exciting home life that includes 'making up stories' for young people. She has an open house for young people and has brought up her own and others children. Her dyslexia made her less keen on reading to her children and inclined at the end of the day to tell stories of a fantastical nature. She encouraged the children to choose characters and objects around which she built adventures that could last for weeks on end. She has decided to attempt to capture some of these stories on paper so others can benefit from them - here, is the first of hopefully many.

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